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The importance of researching Network signal.

When deciding which network provider to go with it is important to look at which network has the best signal where you are and where you spend most of your time. There is no point of having a mobile which doesn’t have signal at home for example. Many different network operators now offer services on their websites to see whether they have signal where you are but the best way to look at all of them in one place in our opinion is the Opensignal app. We are not paid by them to say this we have just found by using them we receive reliable and tested results.

About the Opensignal App

The Opensignal app is available for free on both Apple and Android devices. The app uses measurements from users along with scientific analysis to give insights into mobile network coverage along with other insights such as wifi connection around the world.

Once you’ve downloaded the app select the location icon along the bottom and a map should appear. From here at the top of the page in the white box you can choose to select specific operators (O2, Three, EE or Vodafone) and the type of network (2G/3G or 4G).

I can’t see the network operator that I want!

If you can’t see the network operator that you want this is because the network operator you are looking for doesn’t actually own the infrastructure that they use but actually rents it from O2, Three, EE or Vodafone. Use the table to see which network coverage you need to look at.

Network OperatorInfrastructure
ID MobileThree
Tesco MobileO2
Giff GaffO2

You can also look at network stats such as download and upload speeds in an area.

By using the signal maps, you can see which areas have good and bad network coverage by looking at the colour given with red being poor signal and green being good signal.

By using this before finding your new mobile deal you can see which networks will work best for you. If you are in the location that you would like to test the network coverage of you can also use the stats button where you can see live network availability.

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