Which are the best ee SIM Only plans?

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A SIM only deal may appeal to you for many different reasons. This is why we are going to tell you which are the best ee SIM Only plans to help you narrow your decision.

If your phone contract has come to an end but you are still happy with your handset buying a SIM to put in that handset may be a great, cheaper alternative to buying a new contract phone. You may also have been gifted or handed down a SIM free handset so now are on the lookout for the best SIM only deal for you.

As well as this there are some great bargains to be found on SIM free phones. I myself much prefer to buy a handset separately to the SIM as I like to have the freedom of knowing I have the handset and can change my SIM deal for when my needs change.

  1. Cheapest deal – 250MB, £13 a month
  2. Budget – 1GB, £16 a month
  3. Budget – 3GB, £19 a month
  4. 5G – 100GB data, £20 a month
  5. Unlimited – unlimited data, £37 (1 smart benefit)
  6. Unlimited – unlimited data, £41 (3 smart benefits)

Why ee?

It is argued that ee is currently the top network operator in the UK. The main reason that ee stands out among the rest is their super fast 4G speeds. They have been able to create a network with speeds about 50% faster than any of the other major networks (Three, Vodafone, O2).

Why ee might not be for you if you’re looking for a budget deal.

Although ee does offer the fast 4G speeds it can be a pit pricey compared to other networks. This is why if you don’t want to pay for the faster speeds we recommend having a look at the more affordable deals from other networks.

£13 a month

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 250MB data
  • 4G data
  • 12 month pan

If you are looking for a budget deal and you want to stick with ee this deal for £13 a month is your cheapest option. If you want to pay a little more for a little more data of either 1GB or 3GB there are also these two options to consider.

£16 a month

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 1GB data
  • 4G data
  • 12 month plan

£19 a month

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 3GB data
  • 4G data
  • 12 month plan

With these ee budget options you are paying extra for their network having such fast speeds compared to their competitors.

5G ee offers

Everyone knows ee for being at the forefront of the 5G technology game. Therefore, if you have a 5G ready handset ee is the best network to maximise the 5G potential. 5G means that users are able to have a smooth and powerful experience. It offers the fastest internet speeds with no lagging or slow connections, even when being in the busiest of locations. It also offers connection with the best quality.

£20 a month

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 100GB data
  • 5G data
  • 24 month plan

This £20 a month offer is fantastic value for money. It offers WAY more data than ee’s 20GB plan which is priced at £22. There is a reason it’s one of ee’s top selling plans.

Unlimited ee deals

If you’re looking for an unlimited SIM only plan, ee offers two main options which are both excellent value for money. They not only come with Smart Benefits such as BT Sport Ultimate or Apple Music but they also both offer 5G if you have a 5G enabled handset.

£37 a month

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • Unlimited data
  • 5G data
  • 24 month plan
  • 1 Smart Benefit

£41 a month

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • Unlimited data
  • 5G data
  • 24 month plan
  • 3 Smart Benefits
  • 24 months of the BT Sport app with Match Day Experience features

If you’re trying to decide between these unlimited deals the difference is whether you are looking for a SIM with all the bells and whistles. Both deals offer fantastic value for money with the £41 option including more Smart Benefits which may be for you if you benefit from these services.


If you’re looking for the best SIM only plans ee offers a few very good value options with amazing add ons too.  An ee SIM with data may be important to you. I would not recommend going for one of the budget options but instead paying a bit more for the amazing data packages they have on offer which are unbeatable value for money. If you do choose to go with ee you can be rest assured that it is currently the best network in the UK. With incredible internet speeds it definitely dominates the UK market so you can’t really go wrong with an ee SIM Only deal.

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