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There are many amazing apps out there which use the power of mobile to make every day life that bit easier. Here we have listed a few of the best assistive apps for a range of disabilities.

Be my eyes

A free app which connects those who are blind or have low vison with sighted volunteers and company representatives to give visual assistance through a live video call. As a user whenever you need assistance you can make a live video call through the app. The volunteer you are connected with can help guide as to where to point the camera, where to focus on or when to turn on your torch.

As a sighted volunteer you can also help just by installing the app. Assistance can include anything such as checking expiry dates, reading instructions or navigating new surroundings.

Fuel service

This app makes refuelling for disabled drivers much easier. Using the app, you can check to see if you’d be able to get assistance before arriving as well as calling for assistance once you are there. This saves the embarrassment of beeping your horn to draw attention to yourself. Once you are there you can also see how long it will roughly be until someone will come to help instead of waiting around hoping someone has seen you.

Subtitle viewer

This app is only available on android phone. The Subtitle Viewer displays the subtitles in real-time and highlights the current text passage. The app does not play the movie but can be used whilst watching TV or a film. It is ideally used for those who are deaf, hearing impaired or if you just want to watch a movie in a foreign language.

NotNav GPS accessibility

Developed by the blind, for the blind NotNav turns GPS navigation from text to speech. It is optimised for walking to make navigation that bit easier. The app gives the user turn-by-turn directions continuously announcing important navigation information. It is very easy to use and still works when the phone screen is off and put away in a pocket which is ideal for those who still need the use of their hands whilst walking.


A phone-based hearing aid. The app restores your sound perception to natural levels so that you can even hear whisper with the hearing amplifier. Once set up it will automatically adjust to specific features of your hearing. This app uses the power of smartphones to hear without limits and can be used with the simplest of headsets.


A voice for those with speech difficulties. It uses pictures to help those with special needs communicate and learn. Using the app, it empowers people to communicate their thoughts, emotions, ideas, needs and wants. It gives the user the ability to speak for themselves and can help to build self-confidence.


A powerful speech recognition app which transforms phone calls into a series of live instant messages for the deaf user. This app works in real time so as the person speaks you will automatically see a text translation. You are then able to talk back and communicate with the other person on the end of the line.

Envision AI

Empowering visually impaired people to become more independent by speaking out the visual world around them. The app offers different visual recognition features including being able to read text in over 60 languages. It also does amazing things such as describing scenes around you, detecting colours and scanning barcodes. You can teach the app faces of family and friends so you can scan a room to find them. You can also use the app to scan a room for an item you’re looking for. The app really does become your eyes.

We hope that this has been useful and you may have found an app which can help you, your family member or friend. If you are looking for more information on a range of topics on accessible mobiles then please take a look at our blog. If you’re on the lookout for an accessible mobile then also take a look at our shop.

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