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Sky Mobile – A breath of fresh air?

SkyTV subscribers who are looking for their next mobile deal should definitely take a closer look as well as other users who are mainly interested in competitive data packages providing flexibility.

Sky is known for its TV output where it excels in Sports and News and has expanded to become a leading quadplay provider with 12.9 m retail customers subscriptions beginning of 2018.

Using the Telefonica O2 network infrastructure, Sky Mobile in its own right, brings innovations to the UK mobile market focusing on flexibility in providing data services and putting the consumer in the driving seat regarding choice.

At the heart of Sky Mobile’s offering the ambition is to put control for you and your family in your hands and provide choice, offering both SIM only and contract phone options.

We want to highlight some of the options which make their service different and special:

Data Rollover

Sky mobile will allow users to rollover their data for 3 years which is unique offering on the UK market. This can be used at a later date or traded in for a range of rewards.

Bundle flexibility

Data is the core service with calls and text as optional add-on extras.   You can mix your package on a monthly basis. Existing Sky TV customers benefit from free unlimited calls and text as part of their plan.


Depending on the credit plan you have chosen to buy your mobile, you can choose between 12- and 24-month options to trade in your phone for the latest model. Assuming the phone you swap in is in good condition, a full credit will be applied to the account related to the remainder of that credit plan with the new phone provided on a new credit plan.

Multiple User (family account)

Up to 5 plans can be pooled under one package where data can be shared. This can represent a significant annual saving for Sky TV customers who benefit from unlimited free calls and texts.


Sky Mobile has an interesting range of  SIM only and contract phone offers both of which represent value to the user interested in competitive data packages providing flexibility.

The sweet spot for Sky Mobile seems to be households with Sky TV who can benefit from special deals and discounts watching their favourite programmes using the SkyGo app on the move.


To see Sky Mobile latest offers click HERE now.

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