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Response by Doro is a great service which enables users to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. This is a fantastic feature which is only available on a Doro phone. It guarantees that you can get in touch with someone quickly if you find yourself in any difficulty and need assistance.

Why Doro?

Doro phones are designed with the user in mind. They make mobile phones more accessible for those who need them to be simpler. They all offer easy to use interfaces, have clear sound and are easier to text with than your average phone. A feature of many of the Doro phones is an emergency assistance button. Which models the button is available on are listed at the end of this article.

How does it work?

Response by Doro enables the phones user to feel confidence in the knowledge that help is only a touch of a button away. The button which is built into the phone makes sure that you are always connected to your registered care circle which could be any of your family or friends. However, if they are unavailable there is a team of friendly, fully trained dedicated Doro care team who are able to offer support 24/7 (only available on the premium service).

When an alert is activated the phone is automatically put-on loudspeaker. Along with this GPS location is shared so that those who have been alerted can respond or get help to the user wherever they may be. Watch the video to find out more on how it works.

The Doro care team (only available in the premium option).

The UK Doro care team are fully trained with many of the team members having a background in care. If a relative/friend isn’t there in that moment that you need them it is of comfort to know that a member of their team will be. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With this service there is always someone there for you no matter what.

Other benefits

This service not only provides emergency assistance. It also provides remote phone assistance for simple tasks. A relative can access the users mobile without actually being there. Tasks may include things such as upping volume, battery charge reminders or changing the text size.

How to set it up

A relative will need to download the response by Doro app. Once the app is installed you can crate an account. You will then be able to invite the user. You can also add the card payment details here. With the app set up and the invite accepted you will be able to manage the mobile settings and add other contacts to the care circle.

On the users phone the handset already comes with the Response by Doro app installed. All the user has to do is wait for an invitation from their relative which they then need to accept. The relative can then take care of everything else.

Cost of the service

The response service of connecting your response button to your care circle, remote assistance from your care circle and unlimited responders in that care circle is absolutely free.

The response premium service which gives you access to the Doro care team on top of everything in the free option is £15 a month.

Is Response by Doro for you?

Response by Doro is great for anyone who is looking for a mobile but still wants to maintain independence. It puts the users and their family’s minds at ease that assistance can be so easily accessed if needed. Most other mobiles do not offer a service like this. Although £15 a month may seem expensive, especially if it may never be used, it is a fantastic price for everything that it offers. Knowing your loved one can access help when needed so easily is priceless.


This service is only available on a selection of Doro mobiles. We have listed them all for you here.

8080 (Appliances Direct, £250.97)

8050 (Argos, £229.95)

7030 (Vodafone, £65 when bought with £10 Top Up)

7010 (Argos, £89.95)

780X (Appliances Direct, £119)

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Response by Doro

Response by Doro is a great service which enables users to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. It also puts family members at ease.

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