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It is amazing how different the sound quality can be between mobiles. This not only depends on the mobile itself but also the network it is on. If you need clear, crisp sound there are many options for you. In most mobiles there are features to be able to optimise the sound quality to suit you. Here are a couple of things to consider when looking for a mobile with quality sound.

Network coverage

When looking at good quality voice, network coverage is very important. Cheapest is not always best so when looking at which network provider to go with also make sure to check the network coverage in the places you will use your phone the most such as at home. Many networks show their network coverage on maps somewhere on their website, but we recommend using OpenSignal to get the best overview and most accurate insight into network coverage. Check out our blog post to find out how to find your best network coverage.

Hearing-aid compatible (HAC)

If you or your loved one wears a hearing aid, a great option which you may want to consider is one which is hearing-aid compatible. This allows the hearing aid to be wirelessly paired with the phone in microphone mode so you can get much clearer sound. These are some phones which are hearing-aid compatible and are worth taking a look at:

Doro 8035

One of the higher end Doro phones it has a larger screen so that the text is crisp and easy to read. It also means there’s plenty of space to interact with the interface which can be changed to be easy to use. It has very loud and clear sound and is also hearing aid compatible. It has an assistance button making it easy to call for help if needed. It also has a step by step tutorial making it easier to learn how to use the mobile. This is especially great if you haven’t used a mobile before.

This mobile is an android phone so you are able to control it with your voice using Google Assistant. It also comes with the google play store which contains millions of apps including assistance apps to personalise it further to your needs. It also has a torch, 5MP rear camera and 2MP front facing camera to save those precious moments.

Doro 6620

This mobile is made to be very easy to use. You are able to hear more thanks to its loud and clear sound. It also has a larger screen with an easy to read display. For emergencies it also has an assistance button for that added sense of security for everyone. It also has a 3MP rear facing camera making it easy to take, receive and view pictures.

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