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There has been a record-breaking increase in the number of older people who are embracing the use of mobile phones and how they can benefit their lives. It can often be scary for those who have not grown up in the digital age to have a mobile but it is never too late to learn.

Buttons or Smartphone

As you get older your dexterity may not be as good as it once was. Therefore, real buttons or screen buttons, big or small buttons are important factors to take into consideration. 

Physical buttons can often be quite fiddly and hard to use in the average phone as they can be quite small so you can quite easily hit the wrong key. To make buttons less fiddly and easy to use some brands have created mobiles which have larger physical buttons such as with the doro 6620. These are a great option for someone who is looking for a simple phone which they can easily use.

Smartphones are the modern phones which some people think will be too hard to use as at first they can seem quite daunting. If you’re older it does not mean that they aren’t for you. On screen buttons on smartphones can also be quite hard to use as they can often be small and sensitive to touch on the average smartphone. Therefore, some brands have made smartphones more accessible by providing software which increases the text and image size.

Larger text and visuals

It is much easier for someone to read and look at larger text and visuals than struggling to read it if it is small. Some button phones are quite simple enabling the text to be bigger and some smartphones are also designed to be simpler with bigger texts and icons. It is also possible for some everyday mobiles to have a setting or apps which will make the features bigger. These make it much easier for older people to use a mobile.

Help for the hearing impaired

With some phones the sound is not always that clear at either end. If you struggle to hear the clarity of sound is important to you. Along with the mobile it’s self networks also differ in sound quality over the line. If you wear a hearing aid there are also some mobiles which are hearing aid compatible. This can make a huge difference so definitely worth looking at. We’re written a whole blog about it so take a look!

Features for independent living

As an older person it can be harder to maintain your independence due to safety concerns. Mobiles are a great safety tool to put family and friends minds at ease. Not only are you able to use it to stay in contact wherever you may be but they also have many other safety features such as assistance buttons and GPS trackers.

Emergency assistance buttons

If you are looking for a mobile phone for safety reasons, mobiles with built in, easy to use emergency assistance buttons may be just what you’re looking for. The majority of these phones work by setting a phone number of a relative or friend that will be rung when the button is pressed. They can also, along with ringing this one person, a text can be sent to up to three other contacts who are then made aware that the emergency assistance button has been pressed. Then these people are able to try and make contact or visit this person to provide or organise the assistance needed.

Find your phone

At Cherrypick we want to make sure we make it easier for everyone to be able to access the phone they need. Therefore, we have tried to put everything you need to know in one place along with the best deals we could find to make your search for a mobile phone that little bit easier.

If you want to read up more take a look at out blog posts on various topics along with our buying guides for different needs so you can find the right mobile for you. 

Last thing to do is choose a SIM

Once you have chosen your handset (SIM free) you will need to decide on a SIM card to go in it. If you have a phone under contract the SIM will already be included. The two options for your SIM free phone is SIM Only or a Pay As You Go SIM. If you’re looking for a low usage SIM here are our best deals.

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