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Everybody is different whether you have a diagnosed learning difference or not. This is why it’s important that everyone finds the right mobile for them no matter what their differences are. Depending on what your challenges are, modern mobiles are full of features to be able to help you overcome them. There are very few specific mobiles for learning differences. However, most mobile have features to make them more accessible once you know about them. Here are some features of mobiles you may want to take into consideration.


The most modern type of phone is the smartphone. These are fantastic options for those with learning differences as most have the ability of downloading apps. These can be used to personalise the phone for your needs. It can make a mobile much more accessible with the amazing assistive technology which is out there. This includes having simple interfaces, text to speech or colour overlays for reading.

Although smartphones are generally more expensive than a buttoned mobile, some find a touch screen easier to navigate. Instead of having to use buttons to move through the menus on the screen you are pressing what you see. This can be much easier to understand. Most of these mobiles also have one simple home button to use wherever to are on the mobile.

Voice activation

If you struggle with typing, spelling or remembering how to execute certain tasks on a mobile voice activation may be very useful. Most smartphones can now be activated using voice by using pre-installed software such as Siri on an iPhone or Google on an Android. By using this service, you can ask for the phone to complete simple tasks such as “call mum” or turn your speech into text for you.

Simple phones

If you have a learning difference you may just be looking for a mobile to give yourself more independence and put your family/carers minds at rest if you do go out. A phone which may interest you is the Doro secure 580. If you struggle to use a normal phone this mobile has four large backlit buttons on which you can store important contacts along with a large clear colour display. This makes it very simple to be able to call someone when you’re out. It is also very popular due to its SOS button located on the back of the phone. If this button is pressed it sends an SMS alarm to pre-set numbers along with a GPS location report to those who receive the message.


If you have a learning difference the mobile world and assistive technology that is available can really help to open the world up. Here we just listed a couple of features which are available but there are lots of other features available for you as well. Mobiles for learning differences is a while world which is ready to be explored. If you are looking for specific assistance, make sure to contact us or check out our blog posts.

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