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Keeping your number when switching mobile provider

One of the things which might be putting you off switching mobile provider is whether you can keep your number.

The simple answer is YES you should be able to take the mobile number.

The reason we write ‘should’ is that in reality you don’t own the number but are custodian of the number and if you are the bill payer and account owner have first right to keep it. When writing this I think of employees who have corporate phones. Here you will need to rely on the goodwill of your employer.

How does keeping your number work?

In the UK we have number ranges which are allocated to operators. The first time a number is registered on the network this is where it remains permanently from an administration perspective.  The number is transferred to another provider via PAC. This normally takes a few days. In the industry this is called number portability.

What is a PAC?

In short this stands for “port authorisation code” which you need to ask for from your existing provider which you are leaving. Once you have your new SIM or mobile phone package and then inform your new provider and they will do the rest.

To make it easier for you we have put together a step by step guide what you need to do depending on which provider you currently have and which one you are switching to.

Click HERE to select your provider and the network you want to transfer to.

One thought on “Keeping your number when switching mobile provider

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