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If you haven’t heard of the giffgaff goody bags, we are here to tell you everything there is to know. The most flexible SIM card currently out there. No need to sign up for months of data which you won’t use. Change your SIM card deal from month to month at your fingertips.

Why choose giffgaff

giffgaff is best known for offering low-cost SIM only deals which are packed with data, minutes and texts. They are one of the most simple and affordable networks currently on the UK mobile market and have many deals which are simply unbeatable. We especially love them as you aren’t tied into a deal which doesn’t suit your current needs anymore.

giffgaff uses the O2 network. Although this network doesn’t always have the best coverage it is still great the majority of the time. Before buying any SIM we always recommend to check your network coverage. You can check out how you can do this by taking a look at one of our other articles.

How to get your free SIM

With the giffgaff goodybag you can either choose your plan with your order or you can simply order a free SIM and decide on a plan later or use it through PAYG. To order your SIM head to the giffgaff website. It’s as simple as filling out your details of name, email and address and they will post your SIM out to you.

How the app works

The giffgaff app is a great tool to help you keep an eye on how much of your package you are using and helps you decide on which package you need for the following month. Here is an example of what the giffgaff app shows you. As you can see it shows you how much of your package you have left along with when it is due to expire. It also shows you what your next giffgaff goodybag is. You may choose to change it from month to month or you can set it as a recurring giffgaff goodybag such as this one. Change your plan between months or easily opt out at any time if you aren’t going to be using your mobile package.

You can select your next goodybag depending on how much you think you’ll use the following month. Make sure to check which goodybag you have chosen for the next month before the current bundle runs out. Don’t worry as you will be reminded of this. You can easily choose and select your goodybag from the list shown on the app.

The giffgaff deals

giffgaff offer a whole range of deals at different price points and for different needs. They split them into golden goodybags which are exceptional value for money and their normal goodybags. You can get anything from 500MB to completely unlimited. The giffgaff goodybag prices are unbeatable by any other network. Take a look at this list of their deals and choose the right one on their website.

£109GBUnlimitedUnlimited5G ready and 1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£1525GBUnlimitedUnlimited5G ready and 1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£20100GBUnlimitedUnlimited5G ready and 1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£35UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5G ready.
£106GBUnlimitedUnlimited1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£1210GBUnlimitedUnlimited1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£1515GBUnlimitedUnlimited1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£2080GBUnlimitedUnlimited1GB extra data from third goodybag.
£25Always on (80GB+)UnlimitedUnlimited

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