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The Response by Doro service is an emergency assistance button only available on some of the Doro handsets. This is the emergency assistance service which Doro provides. Here we have listed all of the phones which have this feature, to tell you a bit more about them. We hope this helps you find the right mobile for you. If you’d like to find out more about the Response by Doro service, then please go to the article we have dedicated to telling you everything you need to know about the service.

Doro 8080

The Doro 8080 is a simple smartphone with an easy to use 5.7” display. This mobile is easier to use than your typical smartphone as it has conversational navigation and google assistant. It is beautifully designed for optimal sound, seeing and touch. It runs on Android and also features the Play Store so apps can be downloaded to personalise the phone more for you needs. There are loads of great accessibility apps out there.

It features a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera to capture all those special moments. This mobile also has great storage of 32GB with a 256GB micro-SD card slot if you need that too. It also of course features that all important alarm and remote support button via the emergency assistance button.

8080 (Appliances Direct, £250.97)

Doro 8050

The Doro 8050 is a fantastic, easy to use and durable smartphone. This mobile is hearing aid compatible which provides fantastic clear sound. It also has a great 5.45” display with high contrasting colours and a dedicated home button for easy navigation. The phones battery life is also outstanding. The Play Store can be accessed to download apps to be able to personalise the phone and it also features google assistant so the user can verbally ask the phone to do tasks.

This mobile has a great durable design and fits well into any pocket. The mobile uses EVA to make it a simple feature phone. This simply means that in gives you clear choices and organises commonly used functions under action-based icons such as call view and send. It of course also features the emergency assistance button for extra security.

8050 (Argos, £229.95)

Doro 7030

The Doro 7030 is a flip screen phone with a large 2.8” screen and large well-spaced backlit keys making the phone easy to use. You’ll find the phone has excellent features such as extra loud and clear sound through enhanced audio with HD voice, a high contrast display and a clear interface. It is especially great for those whose hearing sight or dexterity is declining.

As well as making calling and texting easier you are able to use WhatsApp and Facebook when connected to Wi-Fi or a 4G network. It also features a 3MP camera to capture all those great photos and videos. It is also a great mobile for safety ass it features a torch and the all-important response button with GPS positioning.

7030 (Vodafone, £65 when bought with £10 Top Up)

Doro 7010

The Doro 7010 is a bar style phone with a large 2.8” screen and widely separated, high contrast keys which are especially useful for those who struggle with dexterity. As well as making calling and texting easy it enables the use of WhatsApp and Facebook over Wi-Fi or a 4G network. It also features a 3MP camera to take great photos and videos.

Other features of the Doro 7010 include enhanced audio with HD voice, easy navigation, a torch and the assistance button with GPS positioning for extra security.

7010 (Argos, £89.95)

Doro 780X

The Doro 780X is a very simple phone with three large keys with name labels so you can reach the people you need easily without having to navigate menus or look through a phonebook. Along with the assistance button with GPS for if you need help it also features a safety timer. The safety timer is used to alert responders if the timer isn’t deactivated within a set of time suggesting that the user was unable to and may need help. It is a very robust mobile which is extremely easy to use and can be managed remotely by a relative.

780X (Appliances Direct, £119)

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