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A quick summary

The Doro 6620 is an easy-to-use flip screen mobile which is not only very affordable but is also hearing aid compatible and features an emergency assistance button. It has a large screen and a large, clearly separated contrasting keypad making texting and navigation a breeze. It also has many accessible features such as enhanced sound and visual impairment options and a long-lasting battery life.

The good things

This mobile is extremely easy to use. It has a large 2.8” screen with clear icons along with a backlit keypad. The mobile takes and makes clear calls and text messages are easy to read. It has a great battery life of around 15 days and has a light which will light up when battery is low along with when calls and texts are coming in. It also has an enhanced sound and speakerphone option so you can hear everything loud and clear.

This mobile is extremely user friendly with the large, widely spaced contrasting keys. It also has visual impairment modes so you can easily type what you want. The mobile has access to WhatsApp, Facebook and a web browser using data. This compact phone also features a 3MP camera so you can capture those special moments with your loved ones as you wish. It can all be stored in the 128MB of memory.

This mobile has a handy feature, an emergency assistance button which is especially great for those who still want their independence. You can subscribe to response by Doro. This service provides the capability of being able to call for help at a press of a button. It will put you through to a chosen relative which has been assigned or to a staff member from the 24/7 Doro alarm centre along with your exact location.

A couple of things to consider

Unlike some other Doro mobiles, you are unable to access the mobile phone remotely. This means that things such as adjusting text size, volume or contacts can only be done in person. The mobile also can’t be used on wi-fi or 4G, it has no app store capability and can’t play music. This mobile is more suited to those who are looking for calling and texting capabilities and less so for those who want to be browsing the internet. For that we’d suggest a simple smartphone.

The best deals

You can buy the Doro 6620 handset only and buy the SIM separately or it is available on PAYG.

Handest Only:

Currys PC World £69.99.


Tesco Mobile from £7.50/ month (24 month contract, 500MB data, 250 minutes & 5000 texts)

O2 £49 upfront and then choose a SIM from £5/ month (No contract, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts & no data)

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Response by Doro is a great service which enables users to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. It also puts family members at ease.

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