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Response by Doro

Response by Doro is a great service which enables users to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. It also puts family members at ease.

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Doro 6620 review

The Doro 6620 is an easy to use mobile with many accessible features. This includes an assistance button for independent living.

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giffgaff goody bags

giffgaff goody bags are the most flexible and affordable SIMs currently on the UK market. We are here to tell you everything so you can find your deal.

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Older People

There has been a record-breaking increase in the number of older people who are embracing the use of mobile phones and how they can benefit their lives.

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Quality Sound

It is amazing how different the sound quality can be between mobiles. This not only depends on the mobile itself but also the network it is on.

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Simple Smartphones

If you’re not particularly tech savvy yet the thought of using a smartphone can be a bit scary. It doesn’t however mean that a smartphone

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