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Big button mobiles are designed to be uncomplicated and easy to use for the elderly and anyone who struggles with sight or dexterity. They are phones that keep their functionality while keeping things simple. With such features, the phones are ideal for those with hearing problems and even those who are visually impaired.

Big button mobile phones are made extra-loud. These have way louder volumes compared to generic mobile phones. Their selling point is that they boost communication for people with hearing problems. This enables people to now have clear conversations without missing out important information conveyed.

Generally, a big button handset offers features that any other standard phone would, with an added advantage of big buttons. They minimise spelling errors when texting and reduce misdialling. Big button phones have screens with high resolution. This means that their users don’t have to strain reading what is on the screen.

Here we have put together in no particular order some of the best big button mobiles currently on the market.

Doro 6520

The Doro 6520 has big buttons in high contrast that are easy to use for people with bad vision. The talking number keys, large display size and adjustable fonts make the Doro 6520 one of the best options for visually impaired users. The phone also provides internet access and FM Radio.

This mobile includes great accessibility features. This includes an assistance button which enables the user to easily contact their emergency contact should they have a problem. This mobile phone also includes a speed dial option for up to ten contacts.

The device has a very long battery life of up to 380 hours of standby time and plays a warning signal when the battery is low. It is also hearing aid compatible, so clear and loud sound is guaranteed, making this a great choice for the hard of hearing.

Binatone M250

With a Backlit keypad, big buttons and a great display size for those who are visually impaired. This is one of the best mobile phones for the elderly with big buttons. It is easy to send a text message to a loved one and is ideal for those with poor dexterity or vision.

One of the most competitive prices on the market. It includes an SOS button so it is easy to make calls to three chosen numbers. It also has a hands-free loudspeaker and talking number keys so is easy to use. The Binatone m250 also includes some special features such as FM radio, an LED torch and a camera.

Binatone M312

This is one of the best mobiles for the visually impaired as it includes large buttons, a backlit keypad and talking numbers. It includes a low battery warning feature as well as many other extras such as FM radio, an LED torch and an alarm. The SOS function means help can be called easily.

Loudspeakers are suitable for those with hearing aids and the hands-free options means the speaker’s voice can be easily heard. It receives great results and customer feedback.

Apple iPhone 7

This mobile comes with a ‘zoom’ function which is useful for the visually impaired whilst still providing all the benefits of a smartphone. The device can connect to broadband and wi-fi which enables the user to access emails, google, audiobooks and a range of other apps such as WhatsApp and games.

This smartphone is 4g compatible. It can be connected to your car or pc with a USB cable. It also includes a GPS function with the option of sharing your location, no matter where you are in the world.

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