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Big Button Mobiles

Not many mobiles come with buttons anymore. And many that do still have small buttons which can be fiddly. Big buttons on a keypad or touch screen can be much easier to use.

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Doro large keyboard phone

Simple Smartphones

Modern doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many smart phones which are still fairly simple to use once you get the hang of them. They also have more options for assistive technology if that’s what you need.

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Simple Smart Phones

Quality Sound

When calling it is important to be able to hear the other person and for them to hear you. 

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Sound Quality

Low Usage SIM Cards

You don’t need to pay extra for data you won’t use. So here are the best SIM cards for low usage.

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SIM low usage

Guides and Reviews

We want to make things easy. So we’ve written guides and reviews to help.

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